My Top Revision Websites: Chemistry

AQA A-Levels: Chemistry (7404, 7405)

Here are my 3 top favourite websites to aid my revision for Chemsitry!

Check them out~ you will thank me 🙂

  1. chemrevise – This website has amazing revision notes!
  2. chemguide – This website is truelly great – My Chemistry Teacher recommened this website.
  3. Chemistry Rules! – I need to mention this website because this is my other Chemsitry Teacher’s website and it is actually quite good. I am rubbish with naming organic compounds (Nomenclature) and his website has some interactive examples that helped me with naming and it can also help you with naming!

There are other websites I found that is in my other blog post: Revision Websites. If there are other websites you think that are amazing, feel free to leave them in the comments so that other people can


Chemistry is hard! I can’t lie and say it’s easy… but by going through the websites I have given it might get easier!

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